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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Google Maps - Video and Voice Mash-Ups

Just a brief mention of two mash-ups I recently read about.

The first is Seero.com, a "geo-broadcasting platform for users to broadcast and experience destinations around the world. Seero fuses live and on-demand video with GPS mapping to create a rich and unique user experience."

Features include:

- Broadcast live video and archive it for on-demand playback.

- Track GPS position in real-time and archive a course for playback with video.

- Explore the world and discover video through a geo-navigational interface.

- Geo-tag your video clips to showcase the destinations where they take place.

- Experience location specific factoids and feeds with a video broadcast.

The second is a MyVox application which allows users to create a map with voice recordings incorporated into the pushpin points. View this demo to learn more.