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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Have You Purchased Your Florida Market Where You Map Ad?

Find GIS is currently offering "Market Where You Map Ads" to all GIS, Environmental, Planning, or Surveying related companies throughout Florida. The advertisements are available for any County, City, or Agency page on the Find GIS website for as little as $200/year.

An example can be viewed through the City of Tampa's GIS page where SurvTech Solutions just placed an ad for their Tampa office. The advertisements are hyperlinked and placed on all three of the specified city's webpages for optimal viewing by Find GIS users.

The City of Tampa's GIS Page
The City of Tampa GIS Contacts Page
The City of Tampa's General Information Page

The Market Where You Map Ads for Counties, include six ads, three on the corresponding County GIS Pages and three on the County Property Appraiser Pages, all for one flat annual fee.

If your company may have an interest in placing an ad or receiving more information, please use the "Contact Us" form or send an email to jspalding@findgis.com.

Please feel free to call us at (561) 935-4909 as well.

Some additional ideas for ad placements are listed below.

CITY – Market Where You Map Ads
A GIS/Mapping company with offices in Orlando, Pensacola, and Vero Beach can post an ad to any, or all three, of their corresponding “City GIS” pages. Each City contains a GIS Page, a GIS Contacts Page, and a City General Information page, thus your ad will be placed under three pages for one fee.

City Flat Rate Annual Fee = $200/Year per City

COUNTY – Market Where You Map Ads
A consulting firm offering GIS services throughout Hillsborough County can post ads under our Hillsborough County GIS resources. Both the “County GIS” pages and the “County Property Appraiser’s Office” pages are including under this option, thus your ad will be placed under six pages for one fee.

County Flat Rate Annual Fee = $300/Year per County

AGENCY – Market Where You Map Ads
An environmental firm can post an ad about their services under the “Florida Conservation & Environmental GIS Data” page or a specified “Water Management District” page.

An engineering firm can post an ad about their company’s GIS and surveying services under the “Florida Roads, Traffic & Transportation GIS Data” page.

Agency Flat Rate Annual Fee = $300/Year per Agency