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Monday, March 10, 2008

TerraGo® Technologies Introduces Map2PDF Professional for Acrobat

TerraGo Technologies, the leading provider of geospatial data distribution and collaboration solutions, today announced the release of Map2PDF Professional for Acrobat, the geospatial industry’s first solution designed to automatically create mapbooks in the GeoPDF format, at the GITA Conference in Seattle, WA. Mapbooks created with the Map2PDF Professional for Acrobat software provide timely and easy access to intelligent, interactive sets of maps for field users, first responders and emergency management personnel across all levels of government.

TerraGo’s Map2PDF family of products allows customers to publish and collaborate on GeoPDF files. GeoPDF is the only geospatial data distribution and collaboration format that leverages the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) to give users powerful mapping functionality and capabilities via Adobe Reader®, an application already installed on hundreds of millions of computers worldwide. Map2PDF Professional for Acrobat was designed to meet the specific needs of state and local government agency employees including public works managers, tax assessors and emergency management personnel who need immediate access to a variety of geospatially-enhanced maps – “digital hard copies” – in order to successfully execute their field work.

“Our customers have been searching for a true mapbook solution that provides them with a higher level of detail and quantity of data than found in traditional mapbooks and runbooks but in a more convenient and efficient package,” says Brian Soliday, TerraGo Technologies’ vice president. “Map2PDF Professional for Acrobat offers users advanced tools that help mapping professionals exploit the power of GeoPDF files to automatically produce robust mapbooks and GeoPDF files from standard PDF files. Because automatic assembly can save weeks of manual work while minimizing human error, Map2PDF Professional for Acrobat will make the lives of state and local government GIS professionals easier across the U.S.”

Mapbooks represent a cohesive collection of information that allows novice map users to locate and work with the data as opposed to focusing on the software. Many users find mapbooks more useful than individual map sheets as they present a broader view of the location and eliminate much of the frustration that occurs when an incident is located in the hard-to-read corner of a map. Additional features of Map2PDF Professional for Acrobat include:

Batch Georegistration – Allows users to automate georegistration of existing PDF map files and convert them to GeoPDF files. Existing PDF maps created from any application can now have the full power of georegistration and the geospatial tools associated with georegistration, such as import/export, measure, locate and GeoJavascript

Index Map Creation – Provides overview of a collection of GeoPDF files and adds hyperlinks, labels and bookmarks for each individual map sheet, enabling users to quickly and easily locate the appropriate detail map. Bookmarks and hyperlinks allow a simple mouse-click to locate and open the correct map.

Adjacency Hyperlinks – Generates adjacency hyperlinks to each individual map sheet –including corner maps, not just north-south, east-west – as part of the mapbook creation process. These provide ease of use and navigation, while automatic placement provides correct linkages with minimal work so that hyperlinked mapbooks are created in minutes as opposed to weeks.

“As a beta user of Map2PDF Professional for Acrobat, I found the solution to be simple and user friendly with the ability to increase efficiency and effectiveness among field workers,” said Christopher J. Higham, GIS Analyst for Sarasota County, Florida. “The hyperlink creation tool will revolutionize our mapbook management process by reducing what was once months of manual labor into minutes of simple automatic link creation.”

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