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Sunday, April 06, 2008

America's Emergency Network Mobile Application Places in Final Four at NAVTEQ Global LBS Challenge Competition

Brampton Crest International, Inc. today announced that its America's Emergency Network (AEN) unit's AEN Mobile -- a cell phone software application that shows the location of emergency incidents on a cell phone -- placed in the final four of all of the applications submitted in the Americas at the NAVTEQ Global LBS Challenge, which was held during the CTIA Wireless 2008 Conference in Las Vegas. AEN received cash and map data licenses, sponsor licenses and services valued at $410,000.

The NAVTEQ Global LBS Challenge is an annual contest that seeks to find the most innovative new programs for mobile phones with Global Positioning Satellite capabilities. To enter the competition, the program or service entrant had to be new and not currently commercially available. Fifteen semi-finalists were chosen last January, and the winners were announced last night.

CTIA (the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association) conference is the premier wireless conference each year. Major mobile carriers, service providers, and cell-phone manufacturers show their latest technology and services. The NAVTEQ Global LBS (Location-Based Services) Challenge has been held at the conference for the last six years.

AEN demonstrated an innovative software application that will show the location of emergency incidents within a defined range of the cell phone. For example, if a tanker truck were to wreck a few blocks away, the local government could precisely locate the accident with AEN software. If there were a danger from the tanker's contents, the AEN Mobile system would show the location of the incident, how far away you are, and the instructions from local government. No other program has these capabilities. More information on AEN Mobile is available at http://www.aen911.com/navteq/.

AEN Mobile is not currently available to the public. As AEN is installed in more and more emergency management centers, however, it will be the basis of the mobile platform that is eventually deployed.

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