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Monday, April 21, 2008

ArcGIS Server Training Opportunity in the Central Florida Region

CFGIS will be offering "Introduction to ArcGIS Server" class taught by ESRI in the Orlando area - June 2nd and 3rd. The 11 seats that were available for this are already filled.

Because of the high response and interest in this training opportunity we will facilitate the formation of a second group. We have only 5 seats left (first come-first serve).

This course is normally available at ESRI facilities around the country (in our state at West Palm Beach). As one of the CFGIS goals of facilitating a variety of training opportunities for the GIS community we want to make the training available to you in the Orlando area.

ESRI ArcGIS server is a new technology that is becoming broadly utilized in our region and formal training on this subject is highly welcomed. The course is taught in 2 days (16 hours).

By taking this class at ESRI facilities, the cost of the course is $980. We estimated total cost at $1300 minimum including one hotel night, travel and food costs.

Taking the class through CFGIS in the Orlando area will only cost $771.

This cost includes:

* ESRI Instructor on site
* Computer lab - one student per computer.
* Course material
* Course and attendance coordination
* Light breakfast
* Box lunch and
* Light snacks

If we can fill the 5 openings, the second class will be scheduled for early July.

If you are interested in being up-to-date in the new ESRI technology and saving a significant amount of money, send a Class Attendance Interest e-mail to Claudia Paskauskas - claudia@ecfrpc.org.