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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lake-Sumter EMS Improves Emergency Response Effectiveness with Combined Solution from Novatel Wireless and Junxion

Novatel Wireless, Inc., a leading provider of wireless broadband solutions, and Junxion, Inc., today announced Lake-Sumter Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has deployed Novatel Wireless Merlin(TM) PC720 modems and Junxion Box(TM) routers to bolster the capabilities and effectiveness of its emergency response systems. Functioning as the main information hub of Lake-Sumter's new state-of-the-art EMS Communications Center, the combined wireless solution maximizes mobile resources and provides the best support for the county's first responders.

"Facing the challenge of managing multiple, often overlapping demands from Lake County's medical and fire rescue divisions, the EMS operations managers have long sought ways to better manage assets in real time," said Jim Root, chief information officer for Lake-Sumter EMS. "After putting cellular data services to the test, we quickly determined that the newly deployed '3G' networks are capable of reliably networking time-sensitive data communications between EMS personnel in the field, caregivers at area hospitals, staff at the Communications Center and patient financial services."

After validating the effectiveness of using high-speed cellular networks for emergency response scenarios, Lake-Sumter deployed rugged Junxion Box routers, coupled with the Junxion Field Commander remote management service in 40 Lake-Sumter aide vehicles. Lake-Sumter's technology team chose to activate the Junxion Box routers with Merlin PC720 modems to support high-speed EV-DO Rev. A cellular networks. The Novatel Wireless modems provide the range necessary for connectivity in most of the rural areas of the two counties.

"We went from waiting a minimum of four days for a patient care report to getting it the same day, dramatically reducing our time to bill for service," said Jim Judge, executive director for Lake-Sumter EMS. "The net effect was the most positive impact to our cash flow cycle to date."

"The GPS capability provided by the Novatel Wireless modems enable Lake-Sumter EMS vehicles carrying Junxion routers to transmit their locations, allowing the Command Center to see the whereabouts of the fleet at all times," explained Peter Polson, president of Junxion. "Novatel Wireless provided an excellent software development kit and worked closely with Junxion engineers to develop an online mapping application using Google Maps, which enables dispatchers and field supervisors to map the location and path of any Lake-Sumter EMS vehicle staged across Central Florida."

The combined solution was put to the test in January 2008, when a fiery pile-up involving more than 40 vehicles closed nearly 15 miles of Interstate 4 between Tampa and Orlando. Blinding conditions were created when dense fog mixed with smoke from a brush fire where at least six tractor-trailer rigs had burned.

Lake-Sumter EMS volunteered to assist Polk County Public Safety in rescuing victims and transporting them to waiting hospitals. Directing first responders blinded by conditions on the ground, Lake-Sumter EMS orchestrated its deployment by relying on the GPS functionality of the Novatel modems and Junxion Field Commander to monitor advanced life support units arriving and exiting the crash sites. As a result, the Departmental Operations Center was able to provide a new level of safety for the crash victims and first responders.

"Lake-Sumter EMS' highly successful use of EVDO Rev A. technology in managing emergency response teams validates the reliability and usefulness of cellular networks for mission critical enterprise applications," said Brad Weinert, president of Novatel Wireless. "We look forward to continuing our close relationship with Junxion and other technology partners to help bring these valuable applications to market."

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