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Thursday, May 29, 2008

AvisMap GIS Technologies Announces the Official Release of AvisMap GIS 5 Product Series

AvisMap GIS Technologies has just released AvisMap GIS Engine 5 series.

It is the succeeding series of AvisMap GIS 4.8, which was first published in May 2006. In this latest version, remarkable improvements have been made in Map Rendering, Overlay Analysis, Bus-Route Analysis, and Spatial Query Functionality. The Release Candidate version of this series has been tested extensively by users in Japan, Hong Kong, China and Southeast Asia prior to the official release.

High availability and stability are guaranteed within the new release even when operating with massive data quantities from multiple and variant sources.

Major updates of AvisMap GIS 5 and AvisMap series products are as follows:

AvisMap SDM 5 Massive Spatial Database Engine

- Improving the support of ORACLE, SQLServer (SQLPlus Engine) and SDB Engine;

- Highly improving of the performance and accessibility of using ORACLE Spatial Objects

- Newly supporting direct reading and importing of MicroStation V8 Design File format

- Newly Extending the supporting of DGN linkage from MSLINK to DMRS Linkage and Generic Linkage, which includes the supporting of reading out of INTERGRAPH FRAMME TAG

- Ensuring the performance under multi-users editing environment by improving the spatial indexing technologies on ORACLE and SQLServer

- Newly adding time sequence functionality in SDBPlus engine

AvisMap GIS Engine 5 SDK - Comprehensive Component GIS development platform

AvisMap GIS Engine 5 Runtime - Runtime library of Comprehensive Cmponent GIS development platform

- Integrated of all new feature of AvisMap SDM

- Highly improving on stability and performance, especially in Labeling, Importing of MicroStation Design file, Manipulation of massive raster data, Oracle Spatial data supporting, spatial overlay analysis, layout printing, and etc.

- Adding of elegant Labeling functionality such as line aligning text style with offset, floating text with overlapping-avoiding and etc.

- Improving of clipping, merging, image pyramid building, compacting and etc for massive image data;

- Improving the performance on browsing, cutting and pasting, copying of attributes data of massive volume of records

- Newly adding of printing device configuration interface on the layout printing dialog, which enabling batch printing without using the printer setting dialog box.

AvisMap Desktop 5 - Professional Desktop GIS platform

AvisMap Express 5 - Popular Desktop GIS platform

AvisMap Viewer 5 - GIS Data Browser

- Integrated of all new feature of AvisMap SDM

- Improving of textual to SDB functionality

- Improving of clipping, merging, image pyramid building, compacting and etc for massive image data

- Newly adding more pre-defined projection system, such as Hong Kong 1980 Grid

- Improving the user-friendliness of editing functions

- Newly adding smooth rendering of line object

- Newly supporting all OS supported character sets in the character set specification selection for dataset instead of only partially supported

- Newly Enriching of the rendering parameter of thematic map

eAvisMap 5 - Embedded GIS development platform n Highly improving of functionality

- Enhancing the GPS navigation

- Newly supporting double buffering technology for multiple routing display in map render, which highly improves on map browsing performance

- Newly supporting BMP and PNG raster format with Visual Studio 2005 environment

- Enhancing the supporting and improving of performance on rendering raster symbol during map browsing

- Enhancing the user-friendliness of the GUI of the desktop data exchange tool

Press Release - AvisMap GIS Technologies