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Friday, May 23, 2008

EmploymentCrossing.com Launches New Site Specializing in GIS Jobs and GIS Careers, GISCrossing.com

EmploymentCrossing.com has launched a new website catering exclusively to Geographic information system (GIS) technicians, those who work with spatially referenced data and geographical mapping, GISCrossing.com. By consolidating every GIS job in the market from employer websites, association websites, newspaper websites and other job boards, GISCrossing.com is seeking to be the world's leading source of GIS jobs.

GIS workers are becoming more and more marketable as we learn new ways to use GIS technology, not just for science or wilderness backpacking, but for the average consumer, such as tracking devices in cars and cell phones. GIS technicians are needed in government as well as corporate positions often for companies or agencies that may not be associated with the technology. Job seekers with a GIS certification often face challenges in locating job openings because of their specialized nature and lack of publicity.

GISCrossing (www.giscrossing.com) provides an exclusive online job-posting service unlike any other. GISCrossing.com specializes in finding rare GIS job announcements from employer websites and small regional publications.

"We are very serious about GIS jobs," says Harrison Barnes, founder and CEO of GISCrossing. "We're looking for every GIS job opening we can find."

Despite the looming recession, there will always be a need for GIS professionals eager to prove competitive among their peers. GIS positions span many industries, from surveyors jobs in environmental science to computer technician jobs in the trucking and shipping industries. Companies that can find a use for incorporating spatially referenced data need GIS technicians.

The most popular GIS job searches during the site's first few days have been:

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"GISCrossing is a research company that works for job seekers. We have developed a database of thousands of GIS jobs," Barnes says. "We seek to connect job seekers to employers."

Barnes also emphasized that GISCrossing.com is committed to finding new sources for jobs 24 hours a day. "We want to be a one-stop solution for entry level job seekers to find every entry level job in one place."

GISCrossing.com charges job seekers $29.95 to look at its GIS job opening research. However GISCrossing.com is currently offering a free 7 day trial to familiarize GIS job seekers with their service. The free trial is available to everyone on the site's registration page for a limited time.

For more information about GISCrossing.com, please visit www.GISCrossing.com.

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