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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Graphicsphere.Net Opens Registration for 3-D Modelers

Graphicsphere.Net would like you to become one of the first modelers to register on our website.

Soon we will have more modelers to network with from all over the world.

If we receive a quote located in your area we will contact you for a price quote on modeling services and we will then refer our client to you with a 10% based commission.

Please visit Graphicsphere.Net and register to become a 3D Modeler. After registration is complete and your profile is updated you will be able to login and add your profile to the Modelers Page.

Other useful resources available through our site include:

Our Model Collections in Google's 3-D Warehouse

The Modeler Location Map

An Online Forum & Discussion Group

The Graphicsphere.Net News Feeds

From new to existing models we can design, host and manage any 3D project you have from the ground up. Please feel free to contact us for any such services or if you would like to obtain a project price quote.