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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Schneider Announces New Beacon Product Website

The Schneider Corporation is pleased to announce the addition of the new beacon™ product website, created to accompany the beacon™ interactive land records portal.

With the addition of this site, current and future clients and users are able to obtain information about the beacon™ web portal and all of its capabilities, as well as keep informed of up-to-date news and events related to beacon™.

“The new site was specifically designed with our current and future clients and users in mind,” said Tyler Poling, Schneider’s beacon™ Product Manager. “Visitors can now view product tutorials, watch videos of what current customers are saying and gain in-depth information about what beacon can offer them and their communities.”

The new website offers a beacon™ user forum that serves as a place for clients, users and interested parties to express their thoughts and ideas about the product and its future. Interested parties will also be able to subscribe to RSS feeds that will download to and can be viewed in their inbox or favorite reader.

With the introduction of the beacon™ forum, members are encouraged to get further involved with the product and express their thoughts and ideas.

“We look forward to the new feedback so we can continue to provide a product that works to serve the beacon community more fully” said Poling. “Schneider is excited to work with the beacon community in this innovative way and we hope that current and future clients and users will find these new online tools useful in developing their beacon™ knowledge and abilities.”

To learn more about beacon™ and the view the new product website, please visit www.geogearonline.com/beacon

About beacon™: Schneider hosts more than 100 beacon sites containing over 2.5 million parcels for Local Governments across the country. With 24/7 access, citizens have access to public information regardless of time and location. The beacon portal is integrated with a Local Government’s existing GIS, tax administration and real estate databases and organizations using beacon have found it significantly lowers counter traffic, while greatly improving customer service between them and their constituents. http://www.geogearonline.com/beacon

About Schneider: The Schneider Corporation has been providing GIS solutions since 1989 to hundreds of county, municipal, state, federal and private entities. Built on the strength of our traditional surveying and engineering services, we provide GIS services that exceed the expectations of our clients. Learn more about The Schneider Corporation at http://www.gis.schneidercorp.com.

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