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Friday, June 06, 2008

New Industry Leading Alliance Provides Mission Critical Mapping Capabilities for 911 Call Centers

New World Systems, the leading provider of public safety software solutions, has announced a key development partnership with ESRI®, the leader in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) modeling and mapping. This new alliance will dramatically improve mapping capabilities in New World’s Aegis® Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) version 8.

New World Systems is offering the public an exclusive look at this map-centric CAD during the 27th NENA Annual 9-1-1 Conference & Tradeshow, June 9-10, in Tampa Bay, Florida.

New World Systems' CAD relies on embedded ESRI GIS technology to provide geospatial analysis and visualization for dispatchers from one application, eliminating the need for them to open several applications during an emergency when time is a critical factor. New World Systems’ map-centric CAD is the only solution of its kind to be totally and seamlessly integrated with the latest generation of ESRI® software, ArcGIS® Server and ArcGIS® Engine.

New World Systems is a leader in the computer aided dispatch market and their geospatial capabilities using ArcGIS Server will help them better serve their customers,” says Paul Christin, Homeland Security Industry Manager, ESRI. “We at ESRI appreciate New World's innovative approach to their solutions. The integration of GIS technology with CAD provides powerful capabilities and true value for the many E-911 dispatch centers.”

As an ESRI® Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Business Partner, New World Systems now has exclusive access to technology and development resources that will allow them to continue to stay ahead of the curve in providing GIS capabilities to customers.

“Made possible through this ESRI® partnership, the GIS enhancements to the latest version of New World Systems’ CAD provide an optimal environment for analysis and significantly increase the amount of information available for the dispatcher to relay to the scene,” said Britt Wollenweber, New World Systems’ GIS Consultant.

Taking advantage of ESRI’s server and developer GIS technology, Aegis CAD mapping capability has improved to provide more detailed data with various user-defined zoom levels. Dispatchers will also be able to access critical information directly through hyperlinks in the maps. This mapping upgrade will ensure that 9-1-1 call centers always have accurate and up-to-date geospatial information through real-time map updates with their city’s or county’s data.

Attendees at the NENA 9-1-1 Conference and Tradeshow can learn more about the partnership and the map-centric CAD solution by stopping by the New World Systems and ESRI® displays.

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