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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sanborn Land Cover Products - Economic Return on Use of Land Cover Solutions

The Sanborn Map Company now offers Land Cover products.

Sanborn Land Cover products are designed specifically to provide local planners with a useable dataset that provides important information about both the land cover and the way the land is used (land use). Attached is a brief description of the types of land cover products that Sanborn provides and how you can use them.

Maximize the value of you aerial photography with impervious cover, vegetation and tree cover and land use products that are all critical to land management and land planning.

Understanding, current land cover and how it is being used, along with accurate means of monitoring change over time is vital to anyone responsible for land management.

For further information, please contact Brenda Burroughs within Strategic Accounts of Sanborn's Orlando, FL office at (407) 273-4114