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Friday, August 29, 2008

Sidwell Selected by Clark County, Nevada

Clark County, Nevada recently committed to the modernization of their internal land records and mapping operations to support accurate GIS analysis and ease of maintenance. The County needed to improve the efficiency of their operation and their ability to better serve a greater number of users within the jurisdiction. Clark County selected The Sidwell Company, of St. Charles, Illinois, for this important project based on Sidwell’s experienced geodatabase migration team, and their expert understanding of the complexities of land records and land records management workflows. Sidwell is an employee-owned provider of geographic information systems, aerial photography, and photogrammetric and mapping services.

In the initial phase of the project, Sidwell will work with the County to thoroughly define a target workflow, and establish a new Geodatabase design which will streamline the process of restructuring their existing Geodatabase to optimize it for cadastral editing. Sidwell’s team will provide a county-wide geodatabase with restructured cadastral data, a parcel inventory database with both current and historical parcel records, all necessary plotting files, and on-site installation and configuration of the completed geodatabase. Clark County has also chosen Sidwell’s industry-acclaimed Parcel Builder™ software as their map maintenance solution of choice; Sidwell will install and provide training to County staff on this ArcGIS® compliant mapping productivity toolkit and on cadastral map maintenance. Additional project components will center around custom workflow integration tools designed specifically to enhance Clark County’s GIS experience.

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