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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Carbon Project Publishes Geospatial Videos on YouTube

The Carbon Project is pioneering innovative .NET technologies that make location-based information accessible and usable to everyone, everywhere and they are now publishing informative videos on YouTube.

The videos posted thus far include:

CarbonArc PRO - demo 1/3 - Adding Layers (with commentary)

CarbonArc PRO - demo 2/3 - Using the WFS Filter Tools

CarbonArc PRO - demo 3/3 - Using WFS Transactional Tools

CarbonArc PRO - How to edit WFS-T data

CarbonArc PRO - How to filter WFS data

CarbonArc PRO - How to add OGC SDI content

To learn more about CarbonArc® PRO, visit The Carbon Portal

CarbonArc® PRO eliminates barriers to SDI usability by providing advanced discovery, analysis and interaction tools for the OGC® Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) baseline - directly from the ESRI ArcGIS Desktop.