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Monday, September 29, 2008

Florida Division of Emergency Management Posts "HAZUS and Florida" Presentation

The Information Management Unit of the Florida Division of Emergency Management (FDEM) has recently posted their "HAZUS and Florida" presentation as given by Richard Butgereit, GIS Administrator for FDEM, at the CFGIS Workshop.

HAZUS-MH is FEMA’s Software Program for Estimating Potential Losses from Disasters.

Per FEMA's website: "HAZUS-MH can quantify the risk for a study area of any size by using GIS technology to combine hazard layers with national databases, and applying standardized loss estimation and risk assessment methodology. The GIS-based environment allows users to create graphics to help communities visualize and understand their hazard risks and possible solutions. The nationwide databases built into HAZUS-MH include datasets on demographics, building stock, essential facilities, transportation, utilities, and high potential loss facilities."

For current HAZUS-MH users, there is a Florida HAZUS User Group (FLHUG) which is intended to foster communication and collaborative efforts of the use of HAZUS software within communities in Florida.

Feel free to visit their site to learn more.