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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Global Map Systems Announces Release of LOGIQ PDF Map Publishing System

Global Map Systems today announced the release of their LOGIQ PDF product suiteGeoDataEmbed and GeoDataVu, the most advanced PDF map publishing tools available on the market. With these products, map- makers can create PDF maps that allow for powerful spatial analysis features typically found in products like ESRI’s ArcMap. This functionality is made available for free to Adobe Acrobat users.

LOGIQ PDF maps offer advanced spatial analysis features such as point-on-geometry analysis, attribute statistics, frequency tables and export to shapefile. LOGIQ PDF is a patent-pending technology that embeds the table schema, feature geometry, and other components of GIS data directly into the logical content of a PDF file representing a published map. By embedding data such as field definitions, data types, spatial references, attributes, and actual geometry in map coordinates, the PDF file contains all the essential GIS data behind the map, not only making it a potential medium of data exchange, but also enabling spatial analysis. These PDFs can be combined with existing PDF map books to extend even more GIS functionality to map users.

Embedding map data in logical content allows map publishers to export an ESRI ArcMap layout and all of the map data that went into its production into a single PDF file. The PDF file acts as a medium of GIS data exchange. PDF map users with the free Adobe Acrobat plug-in can for the first time ever:

- Perform point-on-geometry analysis to identify features on any layer. Not only are embedded attributes displayed, but also the length and area of the feature geometry in map units.

- Query map features in any embedded layer based on attribute values.

- Analyze and calculate attribute statistics for feature geometry length or area.

- Generate a frequency table for any embedded layer.

- Export any layer to shapefile, allowing the map data to be imported into other GIS applications for true round-trip GIS data exchange.

"The most exciting aspect of our technology is the potential for disconnected users to perform classic GIS analysis on the spatial data underlying a PDF map document”, said Mark Cederholm, CTO of GMS. “The power and flexibility of LOGIQ PDF will eventually provide our customers with nothing less than a mini-GIS for Acrobat."

LOGIQ PDF is available for immediate download at the low introductory sales price of $399 at www.globalmapsystems.com

Press Release - Global Map Systems
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