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Friday, September 19, 2008

GTG’s Geo Blade Viewer Empowers Local Government Enterprise GIS

Geographic Technologies Group, Inc. (GTG), an industry-leading GIS solutions provider, announces the release of Geo Blade Viewer. It is ESRI compliant and operates with ArcGIS Server.

Geo Blade Viewer is a powerful GIS viewer application that allows local government agencies to easily query and analyze GIS data. Designed to be used by all staff, the core viewer application was designed for the end user and provides a set of GIS tools in an easy-to-use desktop application. Tools include portal setups, automatic mining of data from any record management system, and hot linking.

Geo Blade Viewer serves as the backbone of the many department-specific “blades” incorporated into the Geo Blade software suite. Blades are additional functionalities to the core viewer, specific to an agency’s departmental needs.

Geo Blade Viewer is the foundation of the Geo Blade software suite,” said Curt Hinton, CEO of GTG. “It was designed to make GIS a realistic goal for all local government departments. Its easy-to-use interface and sophisticated integration capabilities make Geo Blade the best option for local governments searching for the perfect enterprise-wide GIS toolset.”

For more information on the Geo Blade software suite, visit www.geotg.com/geoblade.html or call 888-757-4222.

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